We are so glad that you have taken some time to explore our church. If you are new or just trying to get a grasp on what exactly DC3 is all about please click the video to the right. This video will give you a good look into what happens at DC3 on a regular Sunday morning. We would encourage you if you have any questions to click the contact page above and we would be more than happy to answer them. Hope to see you soon at DC3.


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We want to layout clearly the steps in which you can take to connect here at DC3. Our "More" class is a great way for newcomers to come and learn more about DC3's history and core values. It's also a safe place to ask questions so you can ensure that you and your family have a great understanding of what DC3 is all about. The next step is partnership. Our "Discovery Class" is where you can learn more about what it means to be a member and learn how to further your walk with Jesus Christ. Finally, we believe that "Life Groups" are key in making sure that you are thriving and growing in your faith. Life Groups open up opportunities for you to share and connect with a community where you can make lasting friendships. Your Life Group will also push you to thrive as you discuss Sunday's message and ask questions that you wouldn't be able to on a Sunday morning. We are so glad you decided to check out DC3 and hope to see you back again!