Visions and Values


Come, Thrive, Go: Helping seekers become committed Christ followers through loving community. 


We value people

We are a community that seeks to love all people as Christ loved us while we were and are completely undeserving. As a result we highly value both "churched" and "unchurched" people; Christian and non-Christian. We are driven by the Good News of Jesus Christ and by God's love for every human being. 


We are a grace-filled community

Thanks to Jesus' perfect life, His crucifixion and resurrection, we celebrate and live the Christian life not as performance for God, but as the enjoyment of God. This enables us to live as honest and authentic human beings who are simultaneously "sinful before God" and "justified by God." We welcome all people to join us in the liberated life, that "in ourselves we are more sinful that we ever dared to believe, but in Christ we are more loved than we ever dared to hope."


We are a Biblically-functioning community

We accept the Bible as the Word of God and the foundation for the way we live and minister. We will communicate the Scriptures with intelligence, Christ-centredness and contemporary application. We will provide preaching and Christian education that reflects personal relevance, Biblical integrity and creativity.


We are a contemporary, New Testament community

As a church connected to the historic faith, we submit to Christ's mandate that the church be faithful to His timeless and unchanging truths. As a church connected to our modern world, we guarantee every attender relevance over tradition, effectiveness over party or denominational allegiance and pastoral care over inflexible programming.


We are an unchurched-culture community

We view our city and our world as our mission field and ourselves as a mission outpost. Our love for God and people motivates us to interact with our culture. We invite skeptics, seekers and people of all religions to participate with us in meaningful and creative worship and to freely explore the claims of Christ. To this end, we will provide an environment that will promote sensitive and unintimidating discovery.


We are community-focused

We are committed to doing good in our community. We want our city to be enriched by our presence and to rejoice that we are here. Through our verbal witness we will carry God's message of hope to our neighbourhoods. Through acts of mercy we will bring hope to the hopeless, be a family to those who are alone, pray for healing over the sick, meet the needs of the hurting and offer help for the oppressed. Created in the image of God, everyone will be received with acceptance and dignity.


We are a vision-driven community

Decisions of ministry are made on the basis of vision, not on the basis of consensus. We believe in encouraging a prayer-guided faith that is willing to take bold risks. We will be intentional in the implementation of the vision through a process of strategic planning.


We value excellence

We believe that service to Christ merits excellence in everything we do. We will do all that we do as "unto Christ."


We are a community of "every-member ministry"

The Church is a divinely instituted body, given the mission of strategically and effectively pursuing God's purpose on earth. Each local church is to be a community of believers who are living out kingdom values. The Church is God's primary means of bringing His people to spiritual maturity and equipping them for the work of ministry. The Church is a gathering place for love, support, encouragement, service, worship, growth and mission with people who share a common bond in Christ.


We value prayer

We believe that God has called us to be people of prayer. The leadership must embrace and live this value. We are committed to creating an environment which promotes spiritual growth and deepening intimacy with God. Prayer builds our faith and character. It reminds us of who God is. It promotes a spirit of faith, humility, integrity and Christ-like character in all areas of service.


We are a church-planting church

From the outset we lift high the Great Commission to go and make disciples and the Great Commandment to love both God and neighbour. We believe that church planting facilitates these values. We will be supporters, senders and starters of new churches in the Greater Toronto Area. We will engage in identifying and equipping pastoral leaders to establish daughter churches in unreached or under-reached communities and cultures.


We are a mission-minded community

We desire to bring the blessing of the gospel to all nations. Beginning with the many and diverse cultures gathered in our city, we seek to embrace and serve every nationality. We highly value people of every ethnic group and encourage members of our church, as they are equipped, called and supported by us, to reach every ethnos, to go into all the world to proclaim the Good News message of Jesus Christ.