About DC3




Welcome here at Discovery Community Christian Church or DC3 website. We are formerly known as Churchill Meadows Christian Church or CMCC.  We are glad you have chosen to visit our church website today.

We are passionate followers (and we frequently fail too but we keep on trying) of Jesus. Being a believer is an exciting journey of faith and life. Part of this journey is the wonderful experience of being connected with a community of others who express the same biblical beliefs commonly called “church”.

It is our hope that you will soon visit and join us in one of our Sunday services.  As you do so, may you be blessed and have an enjoyable experience in our church community here at DC3.  We also hope that after doing that a few times, that you will want to know more regarding what our church is about and how you and your family can become connected.  

We encourage you to “come as you are” for we try to be a real place for real people.  Our goal is to be real and authentic in our faith and life experience. That means people who are not perfect and who make mistakes and learn to forgive each other. Church community should be a safe place for our children and us to try new things and learn and grow together.

We hope that you will feel free to ask questions and contribute ideas. Our goal is to be an enthusiastic and alive place where people are passionate about fulfilling God’s incredible purpose for our lives!

Let’s chat and get to know each other more.



The Discovery Pastoral Staff (you can find out more about us on the Staff Section)

Discovery Community Christian Church